Human Harvest


Human Harvest

Date of the event

13. 6. 2019, 1900

Place of the event

KC Panorama

In the footsteps of illegal human organ trafficking in China ... How is it possible that a country that did not have its own donor system by 2010 has become a place where everyone has gone to organ transplants that have not been available anywhere else? For many years, the Republic of China has claimed that these authorities come from executed prisoners. But when the experts compared the number of transplants performed with the number of executed, they discovered huge irregularities. Yet China has remained the only place in the world to have a heart or lung transplant after a week of ordering. Where did all these transplants come from? ...(Czech television)

Canada, 2014, 66 min (Alternative: 52 min)
Director: Leon Lee
Screenplay: Leon Lee

KC Panorama
Masarykova 974
Hluboká nad Vltavou 373 41