Talking about Christianity 2020


Talking about Christianity 2020

Date of the event

18. 3. 2020
15. 4. 2020
20. 5. 2020
17. 6. 2020

Place of the event

Kostel Sv. Jana Nepomuckého

Talking about Christianity 2020 with deacon Michal Opatrný

Etsi Deus non daretur .... as if there was no God

We live in a world where God seems to be ...
Can we still meet God in our lives?
Is it still possible to be a Christian in such a world?
How to speak of your faith to those who do not share it?
We meet once a month in the parish hall - the entrance through the parish garden.

Kostel Sv. Jana Nepomuckého
Tyršova 5
Hluboká nad Vltavou 373 41