Town and Surroundings

The town of Hluboká nad Vltavou lies on both banks of Vltava river. Its history is closely related to the Hluboká castle, founded together with the nearby town of České Budějovice (Budweis) in the 13th century by king Přemysl Otakar II. The settlement with the former name Podhrad was promoted to the townlet in 1496 by Vilém of Pernštejn and to the town by the imperial decision in 1907.

The Hluboká castle owners Ondřej Ungnad of sunek, Jáchym of Hradec and his son Adam gradually reconstructed a medieval castle into a renaissance place. From 1661 to 1947 the castle was in the ownership of the Schwarzenberg family that rebuilt it between 1839 and 1871 into the present romantic neogothic castle, inspired by the British Windsor. The interior is equipped with precious furniture, unique woodcarving objects, countless paintings, rare tapestries, glass and pottery.

The castle is surrounded by a large English castle park with many precious trees and beautiful views of nearby České Budějovice and Šumava mountain chain. The park is surrounded by a countryside full of ponds and oak trees.

The former castle riding hall was transformed into Aleš South Bohemian Art gallery in 1956, exhibiting south bohemian Gothic art, Flemish 17th century paintings and Czech 20th century modern art.

The baroque hunting lodge Ohrada, built in 1708-1721, runs a permanent hunting and fishing exhibition, the neighboring ZOO rears mostly European small animals.

The ruin of the nearby Charles' castle, built as a hunting lodge by the king Charles IV., a popular tourist destination. Surrounding villages still keep remains of countryside architecture, the village of Purkarec is famous for its timber rafting tradition.

Hluboká nad Vltavou is currently a fast developing town supporting local entrepreneurs, and offering a wide range of cultural, relaxation and gastronomic opportunities. Good infrastructure including hotels, hostels, camping areas, cottages, 40 restaurants, swimming pool, cinema, tennis courts, ice skating ring, baseball complex, riding hall, golf course, rope center, mini-golf course, fitness gyms, network of bicycle paths, water transport, airport etc. has much to offer to every visitor arriving in Hluboká.