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14. 1. 2018, 1700
17. 1. 2018, 1900
4. 3. 2018, 1700

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KC Panorama

It happened once that he was being cleansed in hell. The devils were swarming, but because they could not walk handy to work, they stumbled over each other and stumbled over each other, just a complete madman. Two young devils took advantage of this confusion, who were more likely to interfere with cleaning. And then it happened. One tripped, fell to the other, and both burned the boiler with a sinful soul. That was used by the sinful soul. She ran to the open gate that the old devil was winding and before anyone else was gone, she was gone. It was bad. Luciper chose to punish - the devil must go into the world, and every one bring a sinful soul into hell. Then they will be forgiven. (CinemArt)

Czech Republic, 2018
Director: Zdeněk Troška
Screenplay: Zdeněk Troška, ​​Marek Kališ
Camera: David Ployhar

Starring: Jakub Prachař, Dominick Benedikt, Karel Dobrý, Sarah Sandeva, Richard Jaroslav Müller, Oldřich Navrátil, Míra Nosek, Andrea Hoffmannová, David Gránský, Jana Bernášková, Radek Holub

KC Panorama
Masarykova 974
Hluboká nad Vltavou 373 41