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Head to the picturesque Vltava valley between Hluboka nad Vltavou and Purkarec. At a place called Karvanice, on the left bank of the river, steep rock walls rise directly from the water, along which a secured path for safe climbing winds, the so-called ferrata. These routes have their origins in the Alpine areas and have gained more and more fans in recent years. You don't have to be a climber to overcome it. Ferrata Hluboká has the second easiest difficulty B and its 150 m long section in part A can be handled even by beginner climbers and families with children. A special harness with safety carabiners, the so-called ferrata set and helmet, is required for safe fighting. You can rent this equipment in the Hluboká nad Vltavou Sports and Relaxation Complex.

A more challenging section awaits climbers in part B, where you can look up to 8 meters high and overcome 400 meters of path. This section has a complexity of C / D, which can already give, especially in a few of its sections, even more experienced athletes. Therefore, we recommend not to underestimate the mandatory equipment and 100% gloves with you.

Since June 2022, part C has been opened on the opposite bank, measuring 170 meters and marked by difficulty B. The same equipment conditions apply to this ferrata as to the previous parts. The advantage of this ferrata is the possibility of stopping at a nearby car park, but there is an alternative to try all 3 ferratas. If you drive on the water, from part C you just have to drive about 900 meters down the Vltava and you will get to part B, then to part A.

If you would like to visit all ferratas along the cycle route, we recommend using the ferry in Purkarec and making Hluboká a circuit with a stop at Charles Castle and then in Purkarec for lunch.

In total, Ferrata Hluboká has 720 meters of horizontal climbing and tens of meters of vertical climbing, which is also restored here. It thus becomes the longest Czech ferrata above the river.

You can go to Ferrata Hluboká on foot or by bike along the Hluboká - Purkarec cycle path, or by boat. There is a dock at the ferrata, where you can comfortably anchor a motorboat or paddleboard. If you are looking for a suitable vessel, explore the rental offerings on the Vltava Trail.

Ferrata Hluboká
Secured path for ferrata climbing above the Vltava. Location of Ferrata Hluboká - part A & B is located on the rocks in the area called Karvanice between Hluboká nad Vltavou and Purkarec. Ferrata is accessible from the bike path along a marked path, or directly from the water thanks to the pier, where you can anchor a boat or paddleboard. Ferrata Hluboká - part C is located on the route Hluboká - Poněšice, ie on the right bank of the Vltava River.

To overcome the ferrata, a special safety harness, the so-called ferrata set and helmet, is required, which you can rent at the Hluboká nad Vltavou Sports and Relaxation Area. Sturdy shoes and protective gloves are recommended.

Length of the ferrata: 720 m

Part A - 150m - Difficulty: B (according to Austrian road markings)

Part B - 400m - Difficulty: C / D (according to Austrian road markings)

Part C - 170m - Difficulty: B (according to Austrian road markings)

vertical climbing path

How to get to the ferrata
Ferrata Hluboká (part A and B) is located on the left bank of the Vltava - 8 km from Hluboká nad Vltavou or 4 km from Purkarka. These villages can be reached by car.

Ferrata Hluboká - part C is located near the parking lot by the road from Hluboká nad Vltavou in the direction of Poněšice, about 7 km from the road.

On foot and by bike: Part A and B - along the Vltavská / Eurovelo 7 cycle path (there is a sign in the place of the ferrata)

By car: Part A / B can be reached closest to Purkarka (4 km further along the cycle path) or from Hluboká 8 km. Part C is located 150 meters from the parking lot with a capacity of about 16 cars.

By water: at the ferrata there is a pier where it is possible to moor smaller vessels. Take advantage of the boat rental offer.

The location of the ferrata is marked on mapy.cz

Ferrata is freely accessible and you can support it on the spot by payment via QR code.

Where is the rental
If you need to rent ferrata equipment, you can use the rental of the Hluboká nad Vltavou Sports and Relaxation Complex. The rental shop is located next to the beach volleyball courts and the baseball field. The rental is 8.8 km from the ferrata itself!
You can find the rental here, link directly to mapy.cz

TIP from the Sports and Relaxation Area:
Take advantage of the varied offer of sports equipment rental and diversify your trip to the ferrata by renting scooters, e-bikes, motor boats, paddleboards. Book online with your ferrata set.

On the map you will find the location of the ferrata, equipment rental and where you can drive. Map here.

Frequently asked questions and contact:
Can I book equipment online?
Yes, the rental company has its own reservation system.

Is there a deposit for the equipment?
The deposit is 2000 CZK / ferrata set.

How much does it cost to rent equipment?
The complete ferrata set costs 350 CZK / loan per day.

Is it possible to rent only part of the equipment?
Any part of the ferrata set can be rented separately. The price is given by the rental price list.

When can I pick up the equipment and when will I return it?
Equipment can be picked up and returned during the rental hours (in high season from 10:00 to 19:00).

Ferrata Hluboká
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